Communications & Membership Department

Department responsibilities

Communications & Membership Department is responsible for managing and implementing communications and networking in line with the strategic plan for EURODEA. The membership department also oversees the identification, development, and operation of the membership plans, and the engagement of civil society in fulfilling the strategic mission of EURODEA.

Among the main responsibilities of the department there are:

Develop initiatives that will improve the value of EURODEA membership.
Identify opportunities to provide support to members, including orientations, surveys, member-only events, and leadership opportunities through board and committee participation.
Assist in developing new tools for communication with and between members.
Develop membership recruitment materials, in coordination with other staff.
Attract and engage members and other stakeholders with programming and services that excite their interests and deepens their loyalties.
Create innovative ways to engage corporate and individual contributors.
Directs all activities related to maintaining and establishing relationships with members, including recruitment and retention for all categories of membership.
Create, implement, and direct the membership experience and lifecycle to recruit and retain members and non-member organizations

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