Web & Technology Development Department

Department responsibilities

The general role of the Web & Technology Development Department is to provide technology and communications-related services and support in order to enable the association to achieve its goals and objectives.

Among the main responsibilities of the department there are:

Leads development and implementation processes for the organizations IT systems and department.
Develops and implements business continuity protocols to minimize disruption to business operations in the event of emergency situations or data loss.
Establishes efficiency and efficacy standards, providing recommendations for improvement of IT infrastructure.
Analyzes IT infrastructure and systems performance to assess operating costs, productivity levels, upgrade requirements, and other metrics and needs.
Oversees security of systems, networks, and enterprise information.
Facilitates IT security audits or investigations.
Develops and maintains relationships with external IT vendors and service providers.
Coordinates multisite IT systems via enterprise resource planning (ERP).
Through understanding of IT and practical applications to support the companys goals.

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Head of Web & Technology Development Department
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