Financial Management & Administration Department

Department responsibilities

Among the main responsibilities of the department there are:

Formulation and review of finance policies, strategies, guidelines and finance services
Manage the association financial management systems and information management systems
Maintaining and auditing the Association’s accounts, preparing the annual budget proposals, managing the budgeting process, approving accounts payable, reconciling accounts, providing final accounts, preparing income-expenditure and other regular financial reports and management of the financial resources, assets and the annual budge
Setting-up and implementing the administrative structures of the organization, including defining roles and responsibilities of departments and units within its authority
Setting-up the administrative processes and systems, and continuously review these established processes and systems to ensure the proper functioning of the administration of the Association
Developing personnel policies and administering current personnel regulations and rules with a view to ensure that the Association is served by competent and motivated staff

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Head of Financial Management & Administration Department