Georgi Piryankov

Georgi Piryankov
Head of Web & Technology Development Department

Tell us about yourself

I have graduated from my primary school with a degree in Tourism & Accommodation. After that I get my bachelor’s degree in Informatics from “Paisii Hilendarski” University of Plovdiv. I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Business Informatics.

What is your professional experience

After graduating, I was wondering what to do with my life from now on. I had experience in the hotel industry, but I had a degree in Informatics, and on the other hand I was attracted by real estate deals. In the end, I decided to bet on the thing I had the most experience with – computers and more specifically websites. So I decided to look for a job in this field. I wanted to be a web designer, but I had no professional experience. I started with more in-depth studying of the methods and practices for building websites and so a few months later I decided to create my own website where I can tell about myself, what I do, what interests I have. A few sleepless nights later, my website was completed! Everything was great, but there was nothing in the “My Projects” section. So I decided to ask my friends with businesses whether they want to expand their business online or just to have a website to present them on the web. After days of asking, one of them agreed with me to make him a website. It was completed in about 2 weeks. After that our mutual friends notices his website and started contacting me to make them too. A few months later, I already had several websites created. So I decided to make a move – to find a job as a web designer. I went to an interview for a job in the Internet Media Group and I was approved. In the beginning it was quite difficult for me because they had many different projects, but over time I started to get more serious and I was assigned to more serious and individual projects. I already have a lot of websites with dozens of satisfied customers!

Why did you choose to be part of Eurodea team?

I chose to be part of Eurodea because in this association I can be useful to a lot of people. Here I have the opportunity to meet experienced people from around the world and expand my worldview. To create new business contacts and friendships. To learn new things and open new doors for myself!

Your advice to the members of the association

My advice to every member of the association is to try new things, to improve themselves and keep pursuing their goals because you never know when you will succeed!

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